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Cedar Bundles

Cedar Bundles

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Prepare to awaken and restore your spirit with the cedar smudge stick! This provides an enriching experience to help you uncover true spiritual bliss. Refresh your home and office and restore your spirit with this our new product. 

White Cedar Bundles: For hundreds of years, the white cedar has been burned all around the world for sacred ceremonies. Such white cedar is said to have healing benefits such as cleansing, purifying and protecting the user. The white cedar is used in ancient ceremonies to banish negative energies and offer protection, blessings and cleansing to anyone and anything that the smoke touches.  How to Use: You shall hold the cedar bundle at a 45° angle and ignite. Let it burn for a few seconds before lightly blowing the flame out. Waft the smoke around your home to clear surrounding energies and invite peace and positivity into the space. when finished, place the cedar bundle in a bowl with the ignited tip down. it will put itself out. To lengthen burn time, blow on the embers.

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