Our Philosophy

The Mindful Mob community is built on principles that extend beyond supporting First Nations values and cultural safety. Members rely on each other for collective interests and knowledge exchange, utilising various learning modalities and technology. The community's ultimate goal is to create a healthier, safer, and more peaceful world by healing inner wounds and lived trauma.

Through regular mindfulness practice, the Mindful Mob community aims to cultivate a sense of self-awareness and compassion towards themselves and others. By prioritising self-care and mental wellbeing, members can better support our communities and create positive change. Additionally, the community provides a platform for individuals to share our own experiences and learn from each other's perspectives. By fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity, the Mindful Mob community aims to create a space where all individuals feel empowered to use their voices and contribute to a brighter future.

Our principles are the foundation upon which our community and business thrive. Over the course of seven years, we have come to realise that our philosophy encompasses not only these principles but also extends beyond them:

  • First Nations First:
    We support First Nations cultural values and sciences. We recognise our role in caring for Mother Earth and raising awareness of the issues that affect First Nations peoples across the communities and globe.

  • Cultural Safety:

    We support a culturally safe and inclusive environment for any person, regardless of their gender, religion, background, social status and beliefs to share what inspires them on their healing journey.

  • Cultural Currency Exchange:
    We embrace cultural gift sharing inspired by the ancient ways of our Indigenous people across the world. Through exchanging talents, knowledge, practices, and advice, we foster a community based on mutual respect and cooperation. This exchange, rooted in good faith, giving, and sharing, enhances healing efforts and builds deeper connections, promoting holistic well-being and self determination.
  • The Gift of Sharing:
    Mindful Mob relies solely on the participation of our members and commits to programs that support our collective interests. We strive to maintain an environment where there is a continuous knowledge exchange.

  • The Gift of Learning:
    We use any learning modality from visual, written and aural stories. We recognise that technology is a vital tool and network. We learn from any person, philosopher and teacher from across the generations, centuries and across the world.

  • To Heal and Be Healed:
    We acknowledge that our human experience is a journey of beauty, joy, grief and suffering. We know that we are stronger together as we face the unpredictability of life. We believe that we can build a healthier community when we heal our inner wounds and lived trauma. We believe that this is the way to create a safer and more peaceful world for the generations to come.