About us

Empowering Communities through Spiritual Well-being and Personal Growth

There are other people who are healing and restoring peace for the human story. We come from all walks of life.

Mindful Mob Wellness and Coaching is dedicated to improving the spiritual and personal growth of individuals in our community through our range of events, programs and products. Our objective is to foster a positive environment that promotes creativity and spiritual well-being while celebrating diversity and creating safe spaces.

We prioritise community mobilisation and trust building, incorporating Traditional First Nations cultural healing practices and modern healing practices into our services. Collectively, we have experience in local to international levels in both non-profit and local government service where we have provided strategic advice, driven cultural safety measures, senior executive-level business and health administration, community services, clinical and spiritual practices.

Our founder, Maylene Slater-Burns, is a proud Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, Kuku Djungan, Gangalidda, and Nywaigi First Nations woman, mother, wife, healer, and artist. Maylene was born and raised by the Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community and is passionate about sharing her culture, healing and expertise.

Maylene is a Life Coach and a trainee coach at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy 2023-2024 cohort.

Our team of healers and trauma-informed practitioners come from diverse backgrounds, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and share our passion for knowledge-sharing, connection, and healing.

Co-founded by Maylene and First Nations man, Greg Kennedy in 2015, the online Facebook group, Mindful Mob, has grown to more than 2,000+ members. In 2022, Maylene established the spiritual coaching service in response to requests made in the collective. 

Mindful Mob is a collective of blackfullas, First Nations people and allies (non-indigenous people who support our sovereignty and fight for justice) exploring spirituality, inner life, balance, self-care and mindfulness: what is now known as the practice of dadirri (deep listening) by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr and/or ‘connecting to country’. Within Mindful Mob, we explore books, quotes, screen stories and prime practices taught by philosophers and leaders from across the centuries and across the world.

We reflect, dream and heal together. We remain committed to promoting the importance of spiritual health and well-being in our communities, both locally and globally.

If you want to learn more about us, email community@mindfulmobwellness.com.

We are a First Nations owned-and-led business located in Melbourne, Australia, on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people. We acknowledge our collective desire for peace for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous families and nations against oppression. May we heal so that we can live in the upmost abundance and harmony. 

Maylene shares:

"As descendants of First Nations Australians, we carry within us the ancient spiritual connection to the land and the cosmos. This profound connection, etched into our very DNA, holds the essence of the Dreamtime/Sky camp and the profound mysteries of existence. Our lineage is rich with the wisdom of human prosperity, sacred medicine and epic memories of global migration.

I am on a journey to awaken the sleeping gifts passed down through generations within my family. Guided by years of extensive learning, deep meditation, and the wisdom of our Elders and Masters, I am attuning myself to the whispers of the Universe. Through this process, I pass the messages entrusted to me on to others for the healing and nurturing of all children and our shared future. 

In Mindful Mob, we have experienced significant growth since inception, expanding our reach across communities to deliver impactful healing to individuals and families. We are driven by the passion to extend a helping hand and share our knowledge, we invite every Soul Searcher and Spirit eager to breathe life into their goals, connect with like-minded community and elevate their spiritual well-being. Your journey matters to us, and we’re here to support you."

Pictured: Maylene Slater-Burns, Founder and Director