The Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching and Cultural Healing Program

The Spiritual Empowerment Life Coaching and Cultural Healing Program

The Spiritual Empowerment Program is a life coaching program that I have designed as a way to learn and unlearn the patterns of behaviour that both, serve and hold you back.

As a Life Coach, I have personally tailored a series of packages and programs that are flexible and adaptable to meet the specific needs of anybody on their healing journey. 

What is a Life Coach?

We are wellness professionals known as life coaches. Our goal is to help individuals achieve greater fulfillment by providing guidance and support. Unlike counselors or therapists, we focus on helping clients until they attain their ultimate life goals by working with you on your time and in your way. Our work is centered around cultural safety and inclusion.

How do we do this?
Our sessions are online 1:1 and face-to-face, Life Coaching focuses on taking the time to understand your current situation such as your internal beliefs, goals for the future, your challenges and develops a culturally embedded approach to achieve your goals.

Take a closer look at our packages:

Meet & Greet

A one-hour free consultation where you can share your story, this is your time to begin exploring your life coaching journey. During this session, you will be asked the following questions:

  • What is a Life COACH?
  • What can YOU get out of it? 
  • Are you READY for change? 

I will meet with you to explore the best program for you from the following packages:

Membership Package

Membership is automatic and free. You will be asked to register your details.

The Dream Building Package wandabaa maang

This program is intended for individuals seeking an introduction to Life Coaching with Mindful Mob. Its purpose is to provide a rejuvenating experience that refreshes the mind, body, soul, and connection to Spirit. It is ideal for busy individuals in need of a quick readjustment year-round. In three small steps, you can change your life today.

wandabaa maang is the true name of this package, meaning Spirit Message Stick in gamilaraay. 

The Heart Package gii maang

A 6-week Life Coaching that is centered around the heart. This package is for you if you want to focus on improving your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself.

gii maang is the true name of this package, meaning Heart Message Stick in gamilaraay. 

The Healing Package maruma-li maang

A 9-week trauma informed Life Coaching program centering around nurturing your spirit, unpacking your journey and holding space for you and your voice.

The true name of this package, meaning Spirit Message Stick in Gamilaraay. 

The Transformation Package thawun maang

The unique 70-day (2 Month) program is for someone who is looking to make major changes in their life. Research has shown that it can take on average 66 days to form a new habit so I have designed this program and included an extra 4 days of support. This program is aimed at walking alongside you as you prepare to transition during a major life change. This might be moving from one job to another, beginning or ending a relationship, reaching health and fitness goals, planning to save money, learning a new instrument or rehearsing a script, honouring your grief, starting your sobriety journey, decluttering your home or feeling burnt out. It is important for you to build a team around you and this package brings the right coaches straight to you. 

This package provides personalised support to meet every need and it is the most comprehensive and popular program delivered by Mindful Mob.

thawun maang is the true name of this package, meaning Earth Message Stick in Gamilaraay. 

Remember: the more present you are, the greater your transformation will be.

The Benefits of our Life Coaching Program:
  • Be led by a sister and First Nations healer, Maylene
  • Honour your own vision for your life
  • Discover your way to fulfill your cultural role and obligations
  • Connect to a network of support and meet new healers
  • Be inspired by the power of giving and receiving 
  • Feel spiritually empowered
  • Discover your inner peace and guide others
  • Connect with our First Nations Elders and celebrate their Eldership
  • Improve your relationships
  • Balance self care and community care
  • Learn what your boundaries are and how to practice boundary setting
  • Avoid future burn-outs and recognise your signs
  • Deepen your understanding of how to live and work in Two Worlds
  • Become a better Ally
  • Reduce fear
  • Live a heart-centered life on Country
  • Restore cultural practices
  • Learn how to use cultural medicine to improve you and your family's health
  • Embrace the energy of transformative change
  • Perform your best at work
  • Start your own business
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Renew your dreams and ambitions and more...
You are invited to book a free 45 minute consultation with Maylene at to begin your coaching journey.
Life Coaching sessions will begin in February 2024. Maylene is an employed Life Coach and a trainee coach at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.