Who are we?

Prioritising Spiritual Health, Well-being and Personal Growth.
We are a collective of trauma-informed practitioners and healers dedicated to improving the spiritual and personal growth of individuals and families across our globe through a range of products, podcasts, events and programs. Our objective is to foster a positive environment that promotes creativity and spiritual well-being while celebrating diversity and creating safe spaces. Our team come from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds harnessing a shared passion for learning, teaching and healing.

  • Our Philosophy

    At the heart of our values lies the philosophy of

    • First Nations First
    • Cultural Safety
    • Cultural Currency Exchange
    • The Gift of Sharing
    • The Gift of Learning
    • To Heal and Be Healed
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  • The Spiritual Empowerment Program

    Mindful Mob Wellness and Coaching offers a unique life coaching experience for any soul searcher wishing to breathe life into your dreams, reclaim your sovereign self-confidence and with a specialised approach for Allies: learn to live life practically in the means of allyship and discover your own heart-centered life on Country.

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  • The Mindful Mob Healing Market

    Discover a special Healing Market dedicated to supporting your healing journey. Immerse yourself in various healing modalities and explore a world dedicated to healing.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): Support for First Nations Clients

Mindful Mob has transitioned into a program of Deadly Mob Services Ltd Pty. We offer one to one cultural and energy healing ceremonies: an alternative to psychotherapeutic intervention. We are passionate about delivering cultural healing, as a means of ensuring our people have an opportunity to heal, mind, spirit, and soul by embracing our ancient wisdom and ceremonies.

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